Technical Writer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Writer?

Technical Writer in Torrance:
"Office job."
Pros: Regular hours, decent salary, overview of what the company is doing.
Cons: Reviewing.

Technical Writer in Dothan:
"Wonderful place to raise a family."
Pros: Small town feel in a mid-sized city. No interstates and reasonable traffic. Relatively low cost of living.
Cons: It is extremely difficult to find technical writing or writing jobs because there are so few of them. People start in the writing positions there are out of college and stay until retirement.

Technical Writer in Houston:
"Used to be the Perfect Job but Corporate Politics Ruined It."
Pros: Under the original owner, I was given a mandate to create the best knowledge base in the industry, with freedom to initiate the programs as I saw fit. I reported directly to the CEO, and worked with management and employees across departments throughout the company. I was able to use my creativity and hard work to significantly improve the knowledge base and keep it up to date. I loved the job; department heads, supervisors and employees loved what I did; and people were impressed with what I could accomplish.
Cons: When the company was purchased, middle management started getting nervous, and consolidated power and removed potential rivals to protect themselves. Upper management from the new parent company seemed to like my ideas and respond to my initiatives well. Considering I had only been with the company a few years, middle management did not like that, especially since many had been their from the founding of the company. Suddenly I found myself under a new middle management supervisor who set me up to fail (like telling me not to work on something, then writing me up for not working on it, and having someone with admin access alter chat logs so it said things I never said, etc.). Within 3 weeks I was fired and my new manager replaced with me with her best friend, took credit for my work, and got the promotion I was in line to get.

Technical Writer in Westborough:
"Always Something New."
Pros: I work in a fast-paced, evolving environment. Every week I'm working on something new. There's always a little bit of pressure to publish on the deadline, which is perfect for my work style. Our company is expanding and moving into new markets, which means that I am constantly learning about new areas of healthcare. I work with an amazing team, where my contributions are valued and my opinions always considered and respected.
Cons: There's not a lot of room for growth in my company, and there's no help for expanding your knowledge. If you want to learn or take a class or get a certificate, it all has to be on your own. There's zero support for professional growth.

Technical Writer in Sierra Vista:
"How much a Writer should get paid?"
Make sure before signing a contract that you are being paid within the pay band for your job field.

Technical Writer in Portsmouth:
"Tech Writer."
Pros: Able to go to all departments within the company and observe to get an understanding what they do. Updating the 50 plus manuals we have. Identifying changes in processes and how they impact the manuals and forms.
Cons: Miscommunication between departments.

Technical Writer in Columbus:
"Instructional Design."
Pros: I enjoy documenting processes and incorporating pleasing design aspects to make my work communicate efficiently and easily to the reader.
Cons: The attitudes of those I work with. I have no issues with the work.