Veterinary Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Veterinary Assistant?

Veterinary Assistant:
My work schedule is different every week. I start work at a different time every day. I never have the same days off. I hardly ever leave work on time. Most days I'm almost 2 hours late. Pay is low. Co workers are always calling out sick and showing up late. Stressful toxic environment at times.

Veterinary Assistant in Greenville:
"The job of my dreams."
Pros: There is nothing that I do not like. It is the job of my dreams. I am in love with all animals & have three of my own which are well taken care of. They are my babies.
Cons: Being away from my own dogs.

Veterinary Assistant in Acworth:
Pros: Working with animals and being able to make animals better.
Cons: High stress job were training is not a basic standard in the company. You learn as you go and make more mistakes making the job less enjoyable. Being called into different positions based on how many people are waiting. Then being reprimanded for not doing another job at that time.