Veterinary Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Veterinary Technician?

Veterinary Technician in Prattville:
Do it for the love of the animals cause the pay is crap.

Veterinary Technician in Laurel:
"Medicine is hard."
Be ready to get dirty. Don't bother doing your nails. Be prepared to bleed. Learn to move fast. People suck. Life is hard and doubly so for animals.

Veterinary Technician in Kokomo:
"My experience as an RVT."
Pros: I enjoy working with some of the animals that come in for wellness checkups. Also customers can sometimes be friendly. You work in a small environment so its easy to learn the ropes and get a jive for how each clinic works.
Cons: Most clinics are owned by doctors who dictate your pay as they see fit, mostly low. If you aren't headstrong and capable of handling constant stress and pressure to work harder for little reward, rethink this career. Malpractice is quite common but nobody will report it because if the doctors go down so will the entire clinic. IF you do get a job as an RVT, make SURE that you discuss your wages at the interview and tell them how much you plan on making. This will help you out in the long run.

Veterinary Technician in San Bernardino:
"Overworked, underpaid, management expects more and more."
Pros: Coworkers are good people who are great at their jobs. Doctors are the best I have worked with.
Cons: Getting paid minimum wage for a loyal employee who is supposedly "praised" and has been working with the company for four years is unacceptable. Taking on massive amounts of responsibility for unfair compensation. Employees are strung along for raises that are well deserved. Benefits are expensive!! Management is never around. Too many expectations from already overworked and underpaid employees has meant high turn around rate.

Veterinary Technician in New York:
"I need more monet."
Pros: Helping save animals lives.
Cons: The pay, sometimes high stress.

Veterinary Technician in Fayetteville:
"High stress level.skills& responsibilities include phlebotom."
Work hard, expect to stay late, cleanliness, people skills.

Veterinary Technician in Crestwood:
"Fast paced, high stress ,overtired, underpaid, gratifying."
Pros: Helping animals who can't help themselves, being the voice for those who can't speak and client education so that the animals have the best life they can live.
Cons: You bend over backwards for your profession that you love so much and put your heart and soul in and you get paid next to nothing. Living paycheck to paycheck while being overtired and under appreciated.