Veterinary Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Veterinary Technician?

Veterinary Technician in Chicago:
"High volume with high stress and highr clientel expectations."
Pros: Very accessible location. Fairly moral people to work with. Variety of pets to work with ( domestics & exotics)
Cons: The weather is always changing and unpredictable.

Veterinary Technician in Casa Grande:
"Small town with good people."
Pros: Close to home. Small town. Cost of living.
Cons: The lack of employment competition.

Veterinary Technician in Fort Worth:
"The team."
Pros: I enjoy working with the people. Both customers and employees.
Cons: My pay scale is to low.

Veterinary Technician in 15009:
"Dont do it!"
It's a mistake! Wish I never did it! You don't make enough money to live on your own!

Veterinary Technician in Ithaca:
"Find what you love."
There are so many specialties in veterinary medicine; try as many as you can before you decide to settle.

Veterinary Technician in Chattanooga:
Pros: Helping animals.
Cons: Not paid enough for my hard work.

Veterinary Technician in Vienna:
"Rewarding. Can be stressful."
Pros: Helping families with there loved ones.
Cons: The hours. I work in a surgical practice, days can become very long.