Veterinary Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Veterinary Technician?

Veterinary Technician:
I enjoy the people I work with tremendously. It is a wonderful work environment they offer. However, the pay is below standard. If I was able to find another job with an equal work environment I would leave due to the poor pay.

Veterinary Technician in Alexandria:
Pros: Options for various work and recreation.
Cons: The traffic and crowds. Poor public transportation.

Veterinary Technician in Redmond:
"Being a vet tech is an amazing experience."
Pros: Emergency hours have taught me about time management.
Cons: Medical fields usually require some overtime and it's probably the most difficult thing to deal with but not impossible.

Veterinary Technician in Spring:
"Know Your Goals!"
Definitely know what your goals are, and fondor them without delay! It is much harder changing course and then returning to attempt advancing (academically and financially)!

Veterinary Technician in Butte:
Pros: Great people, friendly, good medicine.
Cons: The pay, the food, some of the mecicine is western.

Veterinary Technician in Nassau:
"Always give 100%"
Go into teaching or human nursing.

Veterinary Technician in Katy:
"Never a dull moment."