Vice President (VP), General Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Vice President (VP), General Manager?

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Hudson:
Pros: Location

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Concord:
"Pleasant - not too hectic, nice way of life."
Pros: Having grown up here, it has changed quite a bit but still has that small town feel.
Cons: Having spent and lived for a while in Boston, I miss some of the amenities the city offers.

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Bellingham:
Pros: Taking care of my employees. Taking care of the community. Throwing parties through a business. Giving people and kids a positive environment to learn and grow as people.
Cons: Being on call 24/7. Not being able to travel as much as I need for personal sanity. Having work dictate my flexibility.

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Las Vegas:
"The Entrepreneurial Spirit."
The spirit of an entrepreneur can be fun to watch but it comes with a price. When the company gets built out of necessity and gut feelings it's difficult to add structure. And most times that's ok. It only becomes an issue when the owner wants to hand over the reigns but really doesn't want to give up control. But wants others to make decisions but doesn't want others to make decisions. Very confusing.

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Atlanta:
"Patience Is Key."
Don't make decisions out of emotion. Take time to think about the best path and choose that.

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Chattanooga:
"Construction Manager."
Be sure to discuss the company's expectations for you and your expectations for the company with regards to growth, responsibilities and compensation.

Vice President (VP), General Manager in Oakland:
Be prepared for lots of dedicated hours, including office hours, travel hours, and business related social hours.