Warehouse Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Associate?

Warehouse Associate in Walmart distribution:
Pros: The people good to work with.
Cons: Not enuogh orders.

Warehouse Associate in Indianapolis:
Pros: I like that I understand what is expected from me everyday at work. Nothing changes from one day to the next. They give you a decent amount of time off, but it is difficult not to use it at once, because it is given to you during the front half of the year.
Cons: The repetitive daily motions of the job can be exhausting, and the work is physically challenging on the back, and feet. Lots of lifting, twisting, bending and walking depending on which department you are placed in.

Warehouse Associate in Lodi:
Pros: That it is close to home and easy to get to.
Cons: That it is very stressful sometimes and always getting yelled at.

Warehouse Associate in Pomona:
"Warehouse associate."
Pros: I like shipping merchandise and making sure shipment goes out.
Cons: I dont have paid vacation and personal days off.

Warehouse Associate in Fort Worth:
"Inventory control."
Pros: The 3 days off vaction and paid time off.
Cons: The work is boring, and repetitive. Favoritism.

Warehouse Associate in San Bernardino:
Pros: The advancement offers.
Cons: Complication.

Warehouse Associate in Levittown:
"Inventory, billing."
Pros: Interacting with fellow coworkers.
Cons: No chance for a raise, lackluster management.