Warehouse Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Manager?

Warehouse Manager in Rancho Santa Margarita:
"Warehouse Management for SR."
Pros: I like the freedom I am given to manage the way I choose. The staff is friendly.
Cons: We are often understaffed in the warehouse leading to an increase in workload for me.

Warehouse Manager in Palmer:
Pros: The thing I like most about my job is, the people I work with.
Cons: My least favorite thing about my current job is the benefits are terrible.

Warehouse Manager in Baldwin Park:
"Great experience."
Pros: Interacting with customers.
Cons: Stress level.

Warehouse Manager in Latham:
"Heavily lied to in interview."
Pros: Some of the employees make the job fun at times. Other than that there is nothing good or rewarding about the job.
Cons: Horrible support system and upper management. The demand is rediculous especially since the job is physical labor. The company does not care about the workers or their safety.

Warehouse Manager in Longwood:
"High stress, high reward."
Pros: I enjoy the responsibility and the day to day decisions made on the fly.
Cons: The stress can be overwhelming with task not fully learnt.

Warehouse Manager in Kent:
Pros: The people.
Cons: The work load compared to the pay.

Warehouse Manager in Chicago:
Pros: I am left a lone to carry out the work and complete tasks.
Cons: No room for growth. Wont allow me to grow.