Warehouse Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Supervisor?

Warehouse Supervisor in Irving:
Pros: Some what flex schedule. No one over my shoulder constantly.
Cons: People I work with their like children. Work in the heat all day and sweat.

Warehouse Supervisor in Salt Lake City:
"Good company, good benefits, shaky stability, random growth."
Pros: Good benefits and friendly environment.
Cons: Unstable management. Constant restructuring.

Warehouse Supervisor in Grand Rapids:
"Great role delegating staff to get worl done efficiently."
Pros: Order pulling, data entry and shipping.
Cons: Not able to determine hours each week for a stable income.

Warehouse Supervisor in Mesquite:
"Rewarding Work."
Pros: The learning experience and the management. The ability to be creative and lead/ develop my team members.
Cons: The increased work responsibility without reflective compensation.

Warehouse Supervisor in Wylie:
"The goods, and the bads..."
Pros: Everybody is laid back, and its a good work environment.
Cons: They ask me to do more than what I get paid for...

Warehouse Supervisor in Atlanta:
"Good company."
Pros: The benefits and my coworkers.
Cons: No room for advancement.

Warehouse Supervisor in Sherwood:
"You want to be the best? You have to beat the best!"
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