Warehouse Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Supervisor?

Warehouse Supervisor in Whippany:
"Great place and fun."
Pros: The group of guys I work with are amazing and I laugh every day.
Cons: Constant complaining.

Warehouse Supervisor in Mount Prospect:
Pros: Close to where I live.
Cons: Traffic.

Warehouse Supervisor in Dallas:
Cons: The mane managemen.

Warehouse Supervisor in Petoskey:
"Challenging and rewarding."
Pros: Improvement and development of staff from beginning employment at our depot to current day.
Cons: N/A.

Warehouse Supervisor in Minneapolis:
"It is very rewarding being a supervisor."
Pros: I like that I am a supervisor. I like the fact that all my employees like me and have the utmost respect for me. Even though I am there boss not there friend.
Cons: The fact that not everyone dies there job and they are union so we can't just fire them.

Warehouse Supervisor in Los Angeles:
"Operating the company."
To pay attention at all your staff learn how to lead a crew and be better at what you do.

Warehouse Supervisor in Grandview:
"Something new occurs all the time."
Pros: Going out on deliveries and meeting new people.
Cons: Time. There's not enough time in the day.