Warehouse Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Supervisor?

Warehouse Supervisor in Ventura, California:
"Just like any other city."
Pros: Close to freeway
Cons: Nothing to eat nearby

Warehouse Supervisor in Carlstadt, New Jersey:
"It is wonderful."
Pros: Easy comute
Cons: There is nothing I do not like about the location

Warehouse Supervisor:
Started as a cashier on 2007, during the last months of that year, I later was given the opportunity to be as a closing cage for 4 months. In 2008 got the warehouse worker position and after 10 years, I'm finally a Warehouse Foreman. There's so much opportunities in the company, however, they need to update on the wage. The company is way below the outside companies.

Warehouse Supervisor in New York:
"It feel great developing young and moitivated people, but the demeanor of the company withbin my portion is very unsettling."
Pros: The young people who give it there all.
Cons: The respect level they have for people they perceive less important.

Warehouse Supervisor in Mountain Top:
"Endless Possibilities."
Pros: I like that PepsiCo provides their team members with unlimited access to educational and developments resources! It's incredible the wealth of insight one can gain if you were to utilize the undervalued resources such as "PepsiCo University" and Accenture Academy. Really a plus for someone looking to advance and grow in their career.
Cons: Can become mundane if you are not proactive about expanding your influence and job skills. Sometimes seems too easy of a job.

Warehouse Supervisor in Calera:
"Good and bad."
Pros: I like the people. The work environment is comfortable. Upper level management makes an effort to know who you are.
Cons: Seasonal work. I despise the slow time. Lack of work is worse than too much work!

Warehouse Supervisor in Albuquerque:
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything and the traveling is horrible.