Warehouse Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Worker?

Warehouse Worker in Cincinnati:
Pros: It's close to home and the people are nice.
Cons: There is multiple safety violations from 7 out 10 emergency exits being pad lock shut.

Warehouse Worker in Philadelphia:
"It has its ups and downs."
Pros: Helping people with there health.
Cons: Dealing with none team players.

Warehouse Worker in Fort Collins:
Pros: I am able to come in and work with few distractions. I like the warehouse.
Cons: The pay is low and no benefits or vacation.

Warehouse Worker in New York:
Pros: To work how I want using my physical strength.
Cons: I like least the wages, I think we are underpaid.

Warehouse Worker in San Jose:
"Is that first my job work at warehouse in store."
Load and offload all boxes ck and move in to the store for sale and. Repair all shelving and fixetoren .

Warehouse Worker in Kansas City:
"Run in the line."
Pros: Run the big machine.
Cons: Too much work.

Warehouse Worker in Brighton:
"Work hard."
Do the small things. Focus and common sense.