Warehouse Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Worker?

Warehouse Worker in Wynne:
"It like working in a chain gang."
Pros: Weekly paycheck.
Cons: The you are treated.

Warehouse Worker in Parlier:
"I enjoy it very much ,"
Pros: Have the ability to work with low stress level and move around with my own timing and sheduel.
Cons: Out door weather.

Warehouse Worker in Mesa:
Pros: Being with friends and having a flexible schedule.
Cons: Dirty work environment and very physical work.

Warehouse Worker in Salt Lake City:
"Hard work, stressful."
Pros: Flexible schedule.
Cons: The stress, the pay for the work.

Warehouse Worker in Petaluma:
"A lot of work. Non stop all day."
Pros: The people I work with are great.
Cons: It's a dead end job there's no way to move up in the company as a warehouse worker.

Warehouse Worker in Tampa:
"That there's no chance for advancement."
It's okay temporarily but keep looking for something better.

Warehouse Worker in York:
"New Facility, and an exercise in Multi-tasking."
Pros: - Huge source of experience due to high amount of cross-training. - Never a lack of working hours. Up to 60 hours a week. - New facility so a lot of new concepts are being tried and tested.
Cons: - Poor Safety record, they don't foresee and prevent accidents until one has already occurred, THEN they put in safety precautions for what should have been an obvious safety concern. Fire extinguishers missing. - Poor Management, bad communication, mana