Warehouse Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Worker?

Warehouse Worker in Columbus:
Pros: I love working with guns.
Cons: A lot of favoritism.

Warehouse Worker in Allen Park:
Pros: Regular overtime. Allowed some degree of autonomy.
Cons: Low pay. Almost zero communication. High expectations.

Warehouse Worker in Portland:
Pros: Close to home. Busy , less slack time.
Cons: Low pay, repetitive lack of variety.

Warehouse Worker in Port Wentworth:
"Good job."
Pros: The team atmosphere and working 4 10s.
Cons: No sick time without it being accountable.

Warehouse Worker in Anahiem:
"Nothing great."
Pros: I boss people, working hard doesn't get me anywhere with this bad pay.
Cons: No one can live with bad pay, I really just lack the time and risk to take another job.

Warehouse Worker in Augusta:
Be punctual, accurate, considerate, easy to get along with.

Warehouse Worker in Redlands:
Cons: Bad communication over worked ridiculous expectations.