Warehouse Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Worker?

Warehouse Worker in Kansas City:
"Run in the line."
Pros: Run the big machine.
Cons: Too much work.

Warehouse Worker in Hartford:
"Its cool."
Pros: I like getting paid to drive a forklift.
Cons: Working with idiots. Some of our drivers are clueless.

Warehouse Worker in Lancaster:
Pros: Always busy.
Cons: The hours.

Warehouse Worker in Burlington:
"I work in a warehouse."
Pros: Cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Unrewarding and repetitive.
Cons: Not enough room here to even begin.

Warehouse Worker in Mahwah:
"You Get you blood pumping and ChallenChallenges Friends."
Pros: You are able to sit down while working, it's this big amazing cafeteria lounge loaded with computers and an amazing cooking chef ,every one is so nice, clean, and decent aswell , u get two short breaks and a 1 hour lunching break. .. Istead of eating you have the advantage of working out in the gym for adrenaline pump!! Yes. And last you have ur own neat working station... Oh yahoo did I forget, only 4 days seek what a blast. .
Cons: It's distance is way too far from where I lllive half the time coming home 5am in the morning it's aleast one dear very 2 days in My part of the road when I can rarely see since My glasses are garbage. You cannot heahear the TV playing in the lounge and when you first start u cannot use the gym until permanent after 90 days or so. Lol.

Warehouse Worker in Los Angeles:
"Amazing Firm."
Pros: The people I work for.
Cons: Wish I was doing more investigative stuff on cases in field.