Web Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Web Developer?

Web Developer in Scottsdale:
"The Best Thing I Ever Did."
Pros: Flexible Schedule, Range from Creating graphics to programming to analyzing data, so awesome.
Cons: All alone. I am the only person in my department so everything published or done is 100% on me.

Web Developer in Seattle:
"No One Knows What You Do."
Pros: You will sometimes get a God complex because most people look at code and get terrified and see a foreign language. The best part is you will always be learning something new, the languages evolve, new more efficient languages come out every day, and the best part is you get to solve creative puzzles everyday.
Cons: No one knows what you do so sometimes that can be great, they will think you're worth every penny, or they will think you're lazy and don't ever produce any tangible work. Also they can tend to think your a tool to be used to do whatever they want instead of taking your professional advice on best practices.

Web Developer in Rancho Cordova:
"New Puzzle Everyday."
Pros: That I get to expand my skills and learn something new everyday.
Cons: Deadlines and rolling out products before I feel they are ready.

Web Developer in Evanston:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Being Creative.
Cons: Commute.

Web Developer in Stamford:
"A Great Dynamic Job."
Pros: A lot to learn. Respect of management for software engineers. Work with smart people.
Cons: As a contractor, you do not get performance reviews or opportunities for growth or promotion.