Web Developer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Web Developer?

Web Developer in West Palm Beach:
"Think like an entrepreneur."
Take ownership in the business. Innovate, self educate, and read everyday and you will never have to worry about getting paid enough.

Web Developer in Atlanta:
"I enjoy it very well."
Pros: The environment. My coworkers. The products.
Cons: My pay. The work is redundant. Would like to do more back-end coding.

Web Developer in Bethlehem:
Pros: Variety, investigating errors.
Cons: Lack of structure.

Web Developer in Columbus:
"Mt career."
Pros: The thing I like most about my job is that most of the time it doesnt feel like one. I look forward to going everyday because it offers me a challenge in subject matter that I would otherwise do on my free time as a hobby.
Cons: The management is not sure which direction to go as it pertains to the position that I fill with the company.

Web Developer in San Francisco:
"Build internal apps and misc devops and IT support."
Pros: Casual relaxed atmosphere, little pressure from management.
Cons: Undirected, unclear problems, poor management.

Web Developer in St. Louis:
"Solid work experience."
Pros: Solid work experience with great people! Different projects for many different clients.
Cons: Clients can be resistant to change.

Web Developer in Miami:
"Low stress if you like constantly learning."
Pros: This job constantly is evolving and changing as new languages come out. There are so many opportunities from learning even just one language. It's really fun to solve problems for clients and create what they're looking for.
Cons: You have to constantly stay on top of evolving languages and practices. It's easy to fall behind.