Web Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Web Developer?

Web Developer in Orlando:
"Magical Times."
Pros: I like the fact that there are young professionals and I do not have to deal with the drunks that I used to while tending bar. People here are educated and have many of the same ideals/values that I have.
Cons: Traffic.

Web Developer in San Diego:
Pros: The weather and how casual it is
Cons: People

Web Developer in Eugene:
"Lots of opportunity for work, friendly people, decent public transportation."
Pros: It has enough size to provide lots of shops and entertainment but not so big as to feel overcrowded
Cons: Traffic and allergies

Web Developer in Schaumburg:
"A nice, quiet suburb."
Pros: Low crime, plenty to do, easy access to Chicago

Web Developer in Chicago:
"Plenty of freedom and room to grow."
Pros: The company is always changing, the leadership team is open and responsive to feedback, and the work is impactful for clients who I feel good about supporting.
Cons: Decision-making from leadership is opaque. Our project-management and billing processes leave little room for important aspects of the software development process.

Web Developer in Washington:
"I telecommute."
Pros: That I can telecommute
Cons: That is takes so long to get there I need to telecommute

Web Developer in Wausau:
"Consultants don't choose their clients."
If who you work for is important to you, consulting might not be your best option. Often the client you are assigned is not who you would have normally applied to work for.