Web Developer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Web Developer?

Web Developer in Seattle:
"Diluting Your Work."
Own your craft and try not to do too many things at once. Be proud of the work you do and try not to let your employer spread you too thin.

Web Developer in Minneapolis:
"Love working on campus."
Pros: Close to the gym. Lots of places to eat for lunch.
Cons: Have to pay for parking. Don't enjoy commuting.

Web Developer in New York:
Pros: Diversity in the field.
Cons: Too much competition leads to a lot of demand.

Web Developer in Draper:
"Mostly good!"
Pros: Nice area and company to work for, they really care about their employees.
Cons: I live pretty far away and the fact I can't telecommute some days of the week is very difficult.

Web Developer in College Station:
"At Reynolds... It's okay."
Pros: The relative freedom to pursue creative projects as long as they are related to improving the customer's experience or the company's productivity.
Cons: There are not many benefits (like discounts at local businesses), the vacation policy is draconian. The proprietary tools we use, while sometimes innovative, are too restrictive, flimsy, and not maintained/updated properly. It is about 5 years behind the industry standard and most of the time spent on new versions is used for fixing bugs and adding undesired features.

Web Developer in Philadelphia:
"Fun Problem Solvin."
Pros: The problem solving of designing and coding websites.
Cons: The stress adding content, the amount of work the orginization.

Web Developer in Nashville:
"Excellent place to work. Smart, kind, hard working people."
Pros: It's a great city and the people I work with are some of the best and brightest I have know.
Cons: The commute can be a little annoying.