Welder Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Welder?

Welder in St. Louis:
"Jack of all trades."
Pros: I get to make my own blueprint to work off of, whatever I can dream up in my head to meet a task I can make. I'm much more than a welder here I do it all from engine rebuilds to carpentry.
Cons: Unfair wages in comparison to other employees and their amount of work they do each day if any at all, and the bosses allow it.

Welder in Bradenton:
Pros: Making stuff from scratch.
Cons: Work pace is way to fast.

Welder in Chattanooga:
"Weld properly."
Learn all you can about welding different material.

Welder in Johannesburg:
You must love your job as you love your self.

Welder in Denver:
Open your own business or union only.

Welder in George:
"Its very nice I like doing it."
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Only burn now and then my hands.

Welder in Vancouver:
"A Dying Occupation."
Pros: Pay is decent, able to learn from professionals, work matters.
Cons: Very labor intensive, repeat work for weeks at a time, dangerous, around the clock shifts, average age of 45.