Welder Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Welder?

Welder in Prineville:
"Welding 101."
Pros: Being able to be self sufficient and left to do my job with minimal overhead.
Cons: Management is hard to deal with in a small company sometimes.

Welder in Novi:
Pros: Love welding.
Cons: No room for progression.

Welder in Richmond:
Pros: It's quiet and productive.
Cons: Dirty.

Welder in Lincoln:
Pros: I work alone.
Cons: Lack of skill advancement on personal level.

Welder in Brighouse:
Pros: The people I work with and pleasant.
Cons: The amount of work that has to be produced and expected to keep at a pace witch isn't possible. The time it takes to do jobs is not possible with faulty equipment and bad organisation. No new tooling. Machines breakdown constant. They make you feel of little worth. Quick to pass the blame. Have done things which are illegal but work tell you to get on with it. Damaged tooling for machines. How they teach you is leaving you on your own without proper guidance and or drawings.

Welder in Fargo:
"Do what you like."
Get certified, otherwise you'll be taken advantage of. Make sure this is what you want to do because this field isn't a pleasant one.

Welder in Cape Town:
"It's ok I love my job."
Pros: I like working under pressure without people surrounding me and wat I like most when I start a job I want to finish it...
Cons: I hate it when the workers gossip abt other and when the workshop foreman always take the supervisors part when they wrong.