The Most and Least Loyal Employees

Once upon a time, it was common practice for somebody to dedicate most of their career to one company in exchange for a gold watch and a swanky retirement party. Nowadays, the typical worker stays at a company for just 3.68 years overall. Which companies maintain long-term relationships with their employees, and which ones have to update their company directory daily? PayScale scoured the Fortune 500 list to see which companies have the most (and least) loyal employees.

Many factors can influence an employee's tenure with a company (e.g. age, contract/temporary status, etc.), making it difficult to quantify "employee loyalty." For this report, we do our best to account for as many of those factors as possible, based on the data and sample size available via the PayScale employee survey.

Companies with the Most Loyal Employees
In spite of the trend toward career ADHD, these companies manage to hang onto their employees the longest. What’s their secret? Some companies incentivize workers with generous pay and benefits, but other factors, including job type, the age of the workforce and the company’s financial performance and history of layoffs affect typical tenure as well.

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1. Eastman Kodak Company


Think film is dead? Workers at Eastman Kodak must hope that isn't true, because the typical worker there has invested 20 years in the company.

Median Employee Age: 50
Median Tenure: 20.0
Median Pay: $77,400
% Low Stress: 33%
% Satisfied: 45%
Industry: Manufacturing

2. Aleris Rolled Products


Every time you find another ingenius use for aluminum foil, you’re helping to keep the folks at Aleris in business. Though the company has been through tough times, filing for bankruptcy in 2009 (but exiting in 2010), their employees stick around for the long haul – workers report a median tenure of 16.5 years.

Median Employee Age: 48
Median Tenure: 16.5
Median Pay: $70,200
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing

3. United Continental Holdings

United Continental

The typical worker at United Continental Holdings, owner of United Airlines, stays with the company for 12.6 years. With those long tenures and 70% of employees reporting high job satisfaction, maybe UCH has found the secret to flying the friendly skies.

Median Employee Age: 44
Median Tenure: 12.6
Median Pay: $59,200
% Low Stress: 35%
% Satisfied: 70%
Industry: Transportation

4. Visteon Corporation


Visteon Corporation workers manufacture automotive parts for car companies all over the world. And their typical employee knows his or her stuff, having typically spent 11.3 years on the job. It must be the generous paychecks that their employees receive – a salary over $100,000 a year is good incentive to stay.

Median Employee Age: 43
Median Tenure: 11.3
Median Pay: $102,000
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing

5. General Motors Corporation

GM Logo

General Motors has been building big American automobiles for over a century, and the typical GM employee spends just over a decade on the factory floor (or in some cases, in a corporate cubicle). That’s almost double the tenure of the typical Ford employee (the next major automotive manufacturer on our list), who only spends 5.8 years with the company.

Median Employee Age: 41
Median Tenure: 10.3
Median Pay: $82,500
% Low Stress: 39%
% Satisfied: 73%
Industry: Manufacturing

6-tie CenturyLink

Century Link

CenturyLink is the nation’s third-largest communications company, but when it comes to employee loyalty, they come in first. Many workers are union members, which rewards a long relationship with a single employer.

Median Employee Age: 43
Median Tenure: 10
Median Pay: $65,800
% Low Stress: 44%
% Satisfied: 69%
Industry: Information

6-tie Mohawk Industries Inc.

Mohawk Industries

Who knew that carpet was such big deal? Not only is Mohawk Industries probably responsible for the floor you’re standing on right now, but they get their employees to spend a decade on average with the company. They must offer some seriously plush working conditions.

Median Employee Age: 44
Median Tenure: 10
Median Pay: $54,200
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing

8. YRC Worldwide Inc.

YRC Worldwide Inc

YRC Worldwide Inc. employs over 30,000 employees to ship goods across the country. Since the typical employee spends 9.7 years with the company, they have a lot of truckers in for the long haul.

Median Employee Age: 46
Median Tenure: 9.7
Median Pay: $59,000
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Transportation

9. Domtar Corporation

Domtar Logo

At Domtar Corporation, a paper company whose operations are centered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, the typical worker sticks around for nine years. That’s as long as the US version of The Office, a comedy about a company in the same industry, was on the air. Coincidence? We may never know.

Median Employee Age: 48
Median Tenure: 9
Median Pay: $71,400
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing

10. Autoliv Inc.

Autoliv Logo

Sweden gave us more than meatballs and affordable furniture warehouses – they are also home to Autoliv, the company that manufactures automotive safety systems for car companies domestic and abroad. The workers that help keep you safe on the road typically spend 8.8 years with Autoliv.

Median Employee Age: 39
Median Tenure: 8.8
Median Pay: $79,500
% Low Stress: N/A
% Satisfied: N/A
Industry: Manufacturing

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