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Unequal pay for equal work? Not really. Women earn less than men on average because they often fill jobs with a large societal benefit, but small monetary benefit. Instead of focusing the debate on the misbegotten gender wage gap, we should instead examine why women are absent from high-paying jobs and industries, like technology, engineering and executive positions."

                                          - Katie Bardaro, Lead Economist, PayScale
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When all male wages and all female wages are blindly compared, the gap between male and female pay is staggering. But a closer look at the data tells a different, more nuanced story. Tell me more.
PayScale is able to compare the wages of males and females with the same jobs (and experience, education, responsibilities and more). Our analysis shows that while a pay gap does exist, it’s much smaller than the numbers you usually hear about. The real problem is that more women work in jobs that pay less. Join PayScale as we run the numbers and explore what really affects gender and pay, and help us search for solutions to help bridge the gap.
Why do more women work in lower-paying
jobs than men?
Why are most bosses still male? Why are
women less likely to negotiate? Which jobs
and industries buck these trends?
PayScale's data reveals the reality of women,
work and the path to equal earning power.

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