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How are the housing and commuting habits of each generation unique?
Commute Habits
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The car is still king with all generations, but Millennials are far more likely to bike, walk and use public transportation than other generations. Is it because they care about the environment, aren't caught up in the lure of material things like fancy cars, or that they can’t afford to pay for parking?

Financial Independence
Only 4.6 percent of Baby Boomers  and 11.4 percent of Gen Xers have ever had to move back home after entering the workforce because of financial reasons. But more than 25% of Millennials have moved back in to their childhood bedroom because they couldn't afford to live on their own.
job satisfaction by generation
No, I have
always been able to live on my own
Baby Boomer: 95.4%
Gen X: 88.6%
Gen Y: 72.1%
job satisfaction by generation
I live there
Baby Boomer: 1.7%
Gen X: 3.9%
Gen Y: 16.3%
job satisfaction by generation
Yes, this has
happened to me
in the past
Baby Boomer: 2.9%
Gen X: 7.5%
Gen Y: 11.6%
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