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Compare pay for Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials to see what salary trends for each generation reveal about underemployment, gender & more.
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It's a rough time for the American workforce, with rising underemployment rates and increased competition for high-paying jobs. Many Boomers are delaying retirement and retaining higher-paying jobs that Gen Xers and Millennials hope to move into, making career progression and better paychecks even harder goals to attain.

overall pay by generation
Gender Wage Gap
By Generation
Compare men and women with similar characteristics working the same jobs and you see a smaller gender wage gap than broader analyses suggest. The gap is even smaller for Gen Y. This is likely because Millennials more often hold entry-level positions where the gap is smaller than it is for directors and executives. 
gender wage gap by generation
Baby Boomers
Male $87,200
Female $84,626
Gen X
Male $73,400
Female $71,050
Gen Y
Male $49,600
Female $48,726
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