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underemployed in america
Gone are the days of going to college, graduating and instantly landing a job in your chosen field. In today's job market, many new graduates struggle to find work in their chosen fields. With no other options, these young workers are taking jobs beneath their education levels and training, just to make ends meet. See who is most affected by underemployment.
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The Top 10 Most Underemployed Majors
Students often have big dreams when they decide what to study, but sometimes those high hopes fall flat. Find out what psychology majors often end up doing instead of, you know, practicing psychology.
10 Most Underemployed Cities
Our data shows that these are the cities where residents are most likely to be overqualified and underemployed. From the casinos of Vegas to the blues of Memphis, your bachelor’s degree might just be a pretty piece of paper.

Rank Metropolitan
Statistical Area
Typical Starting
Median Pay
Relative Ratio of
Underemployment (?)
1 - tie Springfield, MA $31,700 1.40
1 - tie Poughkeepsie, NY $33,500 1.40
3 - tie Youngstown, OH $30,100 1.30
3 - tie Stockton, CA $38,500 1.30
3 - tie Las Vegas, NV $36,800 1.30
6 - tie Fort Myers, FL $36,000 1.20
6 - tie Riverside, CA $37,100 1.20
6 - tie McAllen, TX $33,200 1.20
6 - tie Lakeland, FL $32,300 1.20
6 - tie Memphis, TN $32,500 1.20
Most Underemployed School Types
You picked a college based on how far away it was from your parents, but did you think about how your school choice would affect your future career? Check out our list of school types with the highest numbers of underemployed alumni.

Rank Category Typical Starting Median Pay Relative Ratio of Underemployment (?)
1 Business $42,500 1.17
2 Private, Other $41,500 1.08
3 Liberal Arts $41,500 1.05
4 Public Research $46,300 1.01
5 Public, Other $43,800 0.99
6 Arts, Music & Design $39,800 0.92
7 Private Research $48,000 0.84
8 Engineering $58,200 0.36