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Price Jobs with Fresh Data and
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Job Pricing is easy and accurate when you use PayScale MarketRate to match your specific positions to our fresh and robust market data. Eliminate compensation guesswork and pay your employees what they’re worth. That means satisfied engaged employees, and a happy CFO.

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Create Accurate Salary Benchmark Reports

Don't waste your time on salary surveys trying to force fit diverse job positions into one-size-fits all job descriptions. With PayScale, there's no need to age your data or use point-factoring to adjust the data to fit right. Define your positions and receive detailed market pricing in a matter of mouse clicks.

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Fresh Compensation Data

Real Time and On-Demand

On-demand access to the largest, most detailed and up-to-date salary database in the world. Not only does our data correlate one-to-one with traditional survey data, you get improved accuracy with PayScale's robust and real-time data. With PayScale's rich data you'll know how pay works and why.

  • Price your job positions according to 250 pay factors, including years of experience, special certifications, skills, size of budget and team managed.
  • 36,000,000 salary profiles.
  • 14,000 job titles.
  • 250 compensable factors.
  • 2,500 subscription customers.
  • 11 countries.

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Support and Training

Get Support and Services to Make You Successful

Fast to implement, easy to use, MarketRate is cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). For you, that means no worries about hardware, installation or maintenance. Just log in and go! MarketRate subscriptions include:

  • Standard support services 9am-8pm EST.
  • Live training session to get you started.

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