Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Calgary:
"A First Step in advancing my Corporate career."
Pros: Continuous Learning and not so stressful.
Cons: Tedious and incessantly doing the same tasks.

Administrative Assistant in Belle Plaine:
Pros: Safety. Data entry. Motivating.
Cons: Data entry. Filing.

Administrative Assistant in Québec City:
"Small companies = Lot of work."
Pros: In small companies you do everything. From bookkeeping to shipping management, it is very exciting. You touch to everything and gain a lot of experience very fast. Plus, small business mean small staff and more casual way of communication etc.
Cons: A lot of stress to handle everything. You never see the end of it.

Administrative Assistant in Barrie:
Pros: Work hours flexibly. Good office conditions. Team atmosphere. Collaborative.
Cons: Pay scale.

Administrative Assistant in Edmonton:
Pros: I enjoy data entry, and the relaxed atmosphere.
Cons: Boring, repetitive, not appreciated.

Administrative Assistant in Montréal:
"Very good."
Pros: Security.
Cons: Insecurity of the company.

Administrative Assistant in Windsor:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Completing tasks and its a office job.
Cons: Pressure, stress level.