Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Kitchener:
"I do everything and shipping."
Pros: The multi tasking and new challenges everyday.
Cons: Shipping and receiving and inventory.

Administrative Assistant in Québec City:
"Office conditions."
Pros: The schedule.
Cons: Gets boring.

Administrative Assistant in Edmonton:
Pros: I can be sent out to do errands, which gets me out of the office.
Cons: I don't like sitting in a chair in front if a computer all day. It can be monotonous and boring.

Administrative Assistant in Calgary:
"I enjoy it thoroughly. I have a great boss."
Pros: The detail oriented paperwork and organization is my strength as well as communication with people. My job is flow through to our head office in Winnipeg so as well as doing payroll and new hire orientations any other little projects or special events that come up, we have an opportunity to be a part of. Qualico Developments West Ltd. Is a great company to work for so it is very easy to be a consistent, dedicated employee.
Cons: Inconsistency in pay and bonus.

Administrative Assistant in Montreal Lasalle:
"Smaller Company = Less Stress."
Pros: With a smaller growing company you have a more relaxed atmosphere, less stress and more personable people. People who actually want to work together and help the for the greater good of the company.
Cons: New position to the company means defining your role as you go along, no training established for the particular role, flexibility on what and how I want to do certain tasks. Learning curve for all involved.

Administrative Assistant in Calgary:
Pros: Interacting with people. Some flexibility in schedule. Great direct management.
Cons: Lack of support from company. A lot of urgent, last minute work. People do not understand that I have other things to do. People not understanding my scope of work. Stressful. Lack of proper management from company. Lack of communication from departments. Poor hardware/software provided.

Administrative Assistant in Vancouver:
"Superstar Admin Assistant."
Pros: I like working with others, and constantly being challenged. I like learning and growing, and taking on new projects to broaden my knowledge.
Cons: The politics of the corporate aspect of the company.