Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Ottawa:
"Admin. Assistant."
Pros: Easy going, keeps you busy, interesting workload. If you are interested in being an assistant, best job.
Cons: The only bad thing is the pay.

Administrative Assistant in Calgary:
"Searching for excellence."
Pros: Fast pace.
Cons: Too much workload.

Administrative Assistant in Campbell River:
"Enjoy The Office I Work In."
Pros: The graphic arts work and the people that I work with.
Cons: Being asked to add job duties to my current list of jobs constantly with little to no compensation. Feel like I am being pigeon holed into an area of administrative work that I do not enjoy rather than the areas I have expressed interest in previously.

Administrative Assistant in Winnipeg:
Pros: People are nice, flexibility, acknowledgement, not difficult, good work environment
Cons: Demanding boss, interruptions, pressure and stress

Administrative Assistant in Humboldt:
"Very Stressful, High Workload, Little Acknowledgment."
Pros: My co-workers are the best part, they create a friendly atmosphere. Have enough flexibility to plan an appointment during the day with the understanding I make up that time. Weekends off, usually.
Cons: Extremely stressful. Low wage. Not paid for overtime. Unorganized management. Very little say in changes/problems that affect me directly. Answer to several people.. (who do not communicate with each other about work given to me) No respect for my time management. Expected to come in on evenings and weekends if there a problems which needs fixing. Forced to work overtime if the other administrative assistant is absent. Performs manager duties when I am not a manager (ie. Directing other employees on work to be done, checking up on other employees work progress, constant reminders of what positions entail and what jobs need to be done, delegating jobs to other people.