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How do employees review their experience at Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.?

Overall, employees review their satisfaction with Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. as 3.4 out of 5. Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. earns the highest marks for Company Outlook with a score of 3.9 out of 5. Conversely, employees rate the company lowest for Pay Transparency, giving it 2.4 out of 5 in this area. Our research shows that Company Outlook and Appreciation are the main drivers of employee satisfaction generally, suggesting that Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc., with scores of 3.1 and 3.9 respectively, should have higher overall employee satisfaction and lower rates of turnover. Learn More

Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. Reviews

Q: What is it like working at Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.?

Dialysis Registered Nurse (RN) in Marquette:
"Fast paced working enviorment."
Pros: Direct patient care.
Cons: Wages do not reflect what a staff RN should be earning compared to other regions across the US.

Certified Dialysis Technician in Columbus:
Pros: Learn new things everyday.
Cons: Call offs.

Certified Hemodialysis Technician in Spokane:
Pros: Stable long term career, ability to move up in company if willing to continue school.
Cons: Long hours, overtime, understaffed, stressful work environment.

Dialysis Technician in East Chicago:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: The opportunities given to continue education.
Cons: Pay scale.

Medical Social Worker in Houston:
Pros: Flexible hours. The number of vacation days.

Registered Nurse (RN) in Louisville:
"Dialysis Nurse."
Pros: Performing a job that is truly needed and important.
Cons: The Clinical Manager has awful human resource skills. Unprofessional, makes judgemental statements about religion, patients, discusses employees personal lives. She is a very poor communicator. Possibly bipolar but upper management is remote and rarely deals with her in person so it is our clinic numbers that are evaluated and not employee dissatisfaction.

Dialysis Registered Nurse (RN) in Louisville:
Pros: Excellent job security, as new RNs quickly realize it's no fun to be mandated w/o incentive pay, or to be on call at midnight after you've already worked an 18 hour day. I've worked several 23 hour days but RNs don't have unions or labor laws to protect them. Little resources to accomplish demanding tasks- mechanics aren't allowed to get overtime so I keep a list of dialysis machines to avoid (as there are always mechanical issues). RNs must have their treatment started within one hour of clock-in time despite any delays. We are forced to carry a Galaxy 3 handheld to chart on but the new software is always freezing up. Little if any access to the local hospitals' pyxis or computers so that I can retrieve labs & orders. 5 weeks paid vacation but your vacation request will always be denied. Then you vacation time rolls over into "extended sick leave" in which you must be under a doctor's care & go on FMLA to receive your own money.
Cons: High turnover of dialysis nurses. Unjust wages for female RNs, as a new male RN will always make more money. Unjust raises if you can't play the office game. Travel up to two hours to outlying hospitals because the new manager doesn't understand the logistics of efficiency. Unrealistic expectations from managers-- after you've been working for 20 hours the day before, there will be a new, unexpected mandatory meeting on your one day off. You only get two days off in a row every other week. Work schedule is 4 days a week with one call day and one mandate day. Some days (like Monday) you work 20 hours and some days you work 7 hours.

Patient Care Technician in Little Rock:
"Extremely stressful no leadership; no concern for same."
Pros: Difficult to find good to report. Supervisor well known for lack of management and or people skills through out region, medical director voiced same opinion prior to her being hired. Guess we'll make do with her, expecting cms recert. Inspection. Lack of follow through concerning complaints about her, allowed to continue discriminatory hiring practices,( well documented ) No accountabilty for manager, ( very close friend with area manager ) trust but verify NOT practiced concerning manager. Allowed to re hire employees deemed ineligable for rehire by other fmc managers( three times, same race.)
Cons: Pt care techs are treated very poorly, are contantly reassured thier role is unimportant, and can be easily replaced. Their contributions are very seldom acknowledged as necessary much less praised. No bonus or incentive programs. No educational seminars classes ect. Certainly no conventions or trips. Tech appreciation is lunch served for entire staff, nurses receive t shirts, lunch boxes, gift cards ect. NEVER are techs asked for opinions concerning direct supervisor, much less management. Have no voice concerning how they are treated, try to complain about how your treated; you are subjected to continuous retalliation until you are fired.

Registered Dietitian in Richmond:
Pros: Good pay, good benefits, good office conditions, casual attire, personal computer, job security, 401k company match, travel reimbursement.
Cons: Stress, challenging clientele.

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) in Columbia:
"Mismanagement...at all levels."
Pros: Great benefits.
Cons: Promotions are given to "friends" no matter how unknowledgeable they are, and managers lack the ability to lead.

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