Account Executive Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Executive?

Account Executive in Portland:
"It can be very creative, goal oriented and meeting deadlines."
Pros: A successful completion of the order.
Cons: My working enviroment.

Account Executive in Inland Empire:
Share your knowledge and skills.

Account Executive in Seattle:
"Great introduction to inside sales!"
Pros: I get paid quite a bit considering my lack of relevant experience. At least, I feel that I do.
Cons: Working in a startup is always stressful, but that comes as no surprise.

Account Executive in Denver:
Pros: Flexibility, subsidized benefits, telecommute.
Cons: Over 40 hours expected, high pressure, high stress.

Account Executive in Washington:
"Difficulty is Everywhere."
So much of the work place is beyond your control. It is difficult to stay upbeat and ethical-but you have to.

Account Executive in Livermore:
"Account Executive."
Pros: Selling to new accounts while managing multiple employees and current clients.
Cons: Change is constant, and keeping up with the change can be a challenge, but sometimes exciting.

Account Executive in Denver:
"Tally daily transactions including cash."
Accounts must be clear and transparent.