Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Montandon:
Pros: The clients.
Cons: The pay and the work is so mindless I want to love going to work everyday! I dont.

Administrative Assistant in Indianapolis:
Pros: I love that I get to work with people, communicate, and help people.
Cons: I do not like that I am on call 24/7.

Administrative Assistant in Cincinnati:
"Administrative Assistant - What Do I Deserve."
Pros: I enjoy the learning opportunities, being able to flex in different departments and help out.
Cons: Sometimes it is overwhelming being so heavily depended on and feeling like your not compensated/appreciated for all you do.

Administrative Assistant in California:
Pros: Flexible. Freedom to implement work methods.
Cons: Boss.

Administrative Assistant in Anaheim:
Pros: I get to challenge myself in different areas.
Cons: Can be overwhelming.

Administrative Assistant in Houston:
"Hours Flexibility."
Pros: My management caters to my school schedule. It is close to home. Relaxed environment. I am an essential employee.
Cons: Stressful coworkers. No policies. No room for growth. I do certain jobs but have not been given the title to match.

Administrative Assistant in Statesboro:
"Great work flexibility and office conditions are nice."
Pros: I have sick and vacation time. I have major holidays off. I have comp time to use when I work after hours.
Cons: The set up of my workstation is not correct. Needs to be more ergonomically set up.