Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Indianapolis:
Pros: I love that I get to work with people, communicate, and help people.
Cons: I do not like that I am on call 24/7.

Administrative Assistant in Cincinnati:
"Administrative Assistant - What Do I Deserve."
Pros: I enjoy the learning opportunities, being able to flex in different departments and help out.
Cons: Sometimes it is overwhelming being so heavily depended on and feeling like your not compensated/appreciated for all you do.

Administrative Assistant in California:
Pros: Flexible. Freedom to implement work methods.
Cons: Boss.

Administrative Assistant in Anaheim:
Pros: I get to challenge myself in different areas.
Cons: Can be overwhelming.

Administrative Assistant in Houston:
"Hours Flexibility."
Pros: My management caters to my school schedule. It is close to home. Relaxed environment. I am an essential employee.
Cons: Stressful coworkers. No policies. No room for growth. I do certain jobs but have not been given the title to match.

Administrative Assistant in Statesboro:
"Great work flexibility and office conditions are nice."
Pros: I have sick and vacation time. I have major holidays off. I have comp time to use when I work after hours.
Cons: The set up of my workstation is not correct. Needs to be more ergonomically set up.

Administrative Assistant in Nashville:
"Lacking in Recognition as a Valuable Contributor."
Pros: My role is very flexible with time, allowing for a great work/life balance. I am also in a very lucky position given my specific location and team structure in that I have the ability to network with various teams, managers and executives across different departments. This provides an excellent chance to take on additional projects and expand my skills beyond the scope of my title.
Cons: The culture of my team is one of in-fighting, harmful gossip and insincere relationships. It means I have to constantly be on guard against adding fuel to the fire or being dragged into the back-and-forth game of favoritism. I also struggle to have my contributions recognized, often getting asked what's the difference between my role and a secretary or why I am a member (or leader) of a project when my title ranks lower than others on the internal company band scale. Currently, I navigate these frustrations as the growth and learning opportunities available are worth the struggle for a little while longer. I am actively seeking other internal roles in the same geographical area while I further my education and project experience.