Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Alpine:
"High Stress, fast paced environment, problem solving,"
Pros: Constantly learning and new challenges.
Cons: It is very political and at times that means the wrong decisions are made.

Administrative Assistant in Woburn:
Pros: Working with numbers, phone work.

Administrative Assistant in Wright City:
"Exposure to Many Areas."
Pros: I have learned a lot of new skills in this position. I work with a lot of people that work in many different areas. I enjoy that it challenges me constantly.
Cons: The job can be very stressful during certain times of the year. I don't feel my pay is equal to the job that I perform.

Administrative Assistant in Reno:
"Job Review."
Pros: I love working with the community and helping people. I love the laid back feel of the office and the responsible I am given.
Cons: I do not like taking on job responsibilities of others when they are more than capable of doing it themselves.

Administrative Assistant in Cocoa:
Pros: I love working with all the employees and attend to all our residents on a daily basis.
Cons: The communication.

Administrative Assistant in Fremont:
Pros: The responsibilities and experiences.
Cons: The pay and mulitiple reports.

Administrative Assistant in Oakland:
"Fulfilling and challenging."
Pros: The children.
Cons: Bumping rights. If you are in a job you like you might not stay more than a few years.