Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Denver:
"A bit like being a littke sister."
Pros: I like that it is a learning experience.
Cons: Being treated like I can't be trusted.

Administrative Assistant in Philadelphia:
"Your Immediate Supervisor."
Check with current employees about how your immediate is viewed.

Administrative Assistant in Fairfield:
"The Beauty Of It."
Pros: I love the industry. Hair and makeup is a passion of mine. I love discounts on items I love to use. My boss in flexible with schedules.
Cons: Because my position is at the back end of things, recognition could be better. I feel under-paid.

Administrative Assistant in Redlands:
"That education was integral to advancement in this company."
Continue education.

Administrative Assistant in Provo:
"Administrative Assistant Is A Great Starter Job."
Pros: Variety, jack of all trades, using technology, working with lots of different people, learning a lot of new skills and tricks, being able to leave work at work, feel like my job helps people.
Cons: Hard to break out of the box/transfer to other job roles. Sometimes viewed as lower than others, rather than a partner.

Administrative Assistant in Geneseo:
"More Knowledge Of District Hospital Rules For Board Meetings."
Keep a log of all your activity. Save all business emails for a record. You never know when you may need to refer to it.

Administrative Assistant in El Reno:
"Office Conditions, Stress And Rewards."
Pros: Help other to teach others to save lives through nursing and emergency medical. We are shaping them to be heroes. Even though I am only the administrative assistant I still feel somewhat part of each of our students lives. Its a rewarding job.
Cons: The fact that you have to go through so many channels to get anything done. Considering this is a government institution we have several departments each having their on piece of the pie. Each piece does not work together too well. In other wards it s unorganized.