Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Cocoa:
Pros: I love working with all the employees and attend to all our residents on a daily basis.
Cons: The communication.

Administrative Assistant in Fremont:
Pros: The responsibilities and experiences.
Cons: The pay and mulitiple reports.

Administrative Assistant in Oakland:
"Fulfilling and challenging."
Pros: The children.
Cons: Bumping rights. If you are in a job you like you might not stay more than a few years.

Administrative Assistant in Jacksonville:
Pros: Great people.
Cons: Work- life balance.

Administrative Assistant in Madison:
Pros: One of my supervisors is nice.
Cons: Horrible supervision for half of my job outside the department my position is in. No room for questions or creativity or workflow improvement. Encouraged to work as fast as possible and make mistakes related to patient care.

Administrative Assistant in Hialeah:
"It's a lot of work and must be able to multi task."
Pros: Work flexibility makes it easy to take a day off when needed or take classes.
Cons: It's very hot and dirty even if sitting in the office.

Administrative Assistant in Albuquerque:
"The work is a good challenge."
Pros: I have enjoyed being challenged to learn new things and being successful at it. I have excelled in every area of my job with little recognition by the boss. However, other bosses have noticed and commented about my performance.
Cons: The worst is not being given a raise after a year of working even when it was deserved. Stressful environment.