Administrative Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative Coordinator in Rogers:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: Atmosphere, people I work with.
Cons: Not getting paid what I feel I am worth.

Administrative Coordinator in Houston:
Pros: Arends Inspection is a small company owned by my bosses, we are like a family. I also love my Co-workers.
Cons: Office Conditions because I work with nothing but men and they don't always clean up after themselves. Also Stress Level which is normal for any job.

Administrative Coordinator in Chico:
"Care coordinatir."
Pros: Office work. Supervising others.
Cons: Pay is too low. And the odd hours.

Administrative Coordinator in Ames:
Pros: Flexibility, team environment, people, high-tech.

Administrative Coordinator in Los Angeles:
Cons: Lack of real leadership. Negatives environment. No room for growth.

Administrative Coordinator in Seaside:
Pros: Perks (food and beverages supplied)
Cons: Stress level; work environment; management.

Administrative Coordinator in Silver Spring:
Pros: Versitlity of the position, handling multiple things that several depts separate. Getting to meet new people from different places of the world. Gaining more experience with people and group speaking. Having the oppurtunity to training and orientate new hires. Learning more about Travel and work programs through government. Getting more information on housing.
Cons: Most of our work is very detailed and it is all at once. Not enough time to look for room to improve processes. Not enough software to support our daily tasks.