Administrative Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative Coordinator in Scottsdale:
Pros: Work flexibility, stress level, perks.
Cons: Promotions, hiring from within.

Administrative Coordinator in Alpharetta:
"Independent Agent."
Always be consistent, organized, team player and results oriented.

Administrative Coordinator in Rantoul:
"Be prepared to be self-taught."
You won't receive a lot of hand holding to learn this job, and much of what you will end up doing is hand holding and teaching to others who reach out to you for assistance.

Administrative Coordinator in Houston:
Pros: Arends Inspection is a small company owned by my bosses, we are like a family. I also love my Co-workers.
Cons: Office Conditions because I work with nothing but men and they don't always clean up after themselves. Also Stress Level which is normal for any job.

Administrative Coordinator in Portland:
"How my duties would change."
Need good time management skills.

Administrative Coordinator in Indio:
"Be organized."
Be organized to meet deadlines easily. Be proactive with employees & HR matters. Be consistent & accurate in your work.

Administrative Coordinator in Chico:
"Care coordinatir."
Pros: Office work. Supervising others.
Cons: Pay is too low. And the odd hours.