Administrative Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative Coordinator in Independence:
"City Government Culture."
Pros: I like helping people and solving problems. Learning to be an expert in my field makes me feel valued and helpful. The work atmosphere is not hostile and work relationships are good.
Cons: With the economic downturn, positions have been cut and each person is taking on more work with no additional pay. Raises if given are 5 years between and when received are only 2% which doesn't keep up with the increase in health care expenses. Essentially I have gone backwards in pay each year that I have worked here.

Administrative Coordinator in Los Angeles:
"Coordinator Review."
Pros: The best part of my job is working with music. I like that I am in an office and it is a secure job. It's not very stressful.
Cons: It's a lot of data entry. There are times where I feel like I am not learning anything new.

Administrative Coordinator in Raleigh:
"Stay out of the Arts!"
Pros: Helping students, preparing them for the real world.
Cons: Low pay. Stay out of the arts!!!!