Administrative Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative Coordinator in Memphis:
Pros: The communication with the colleagues and families everyday.
Cons: The complaining about the job they work.

Administrative Coordinator in Porter:
"Its a great job, alot alot of work."
Pros: I love the people I work with, the things I am learning.
Cons: Low pay.

Administrative Coordinator in St. Louis:
"How women are sterotyped in this profession."
Know what you getting into and get all the training and education you can so you can move up the ladder.

Administrative Coordinator in Philadelphia:
"It's hard, busy, but someone's got to do it."
Pros: I am working in line with my values.
Cons: Very stressful, customers can be unkind, see many sad things. Does not pay well.

Administrative Coordinator in Traverse City, Michigan:
"Work flexability, office conditions, stress level."
Pros: Everything, the environment and the people. It is a new company and I feel I am in the beginning stages of its growth. Everyone in the company works together to improve the company overall, regardless of our titles and positions in the company.
Cons: Not always knowing what the next step is going to be.

Administrative Coordinator in Plano:
"That there was no upward mobility."
Be sure that there is room for advancement and significant pay raises along with other perks; bonus, vacation/sick leave. Ask for a review every year and make sure someone notices the effort you put into your job. Make sure you are punctual and put in a full days work. Don't allow your personal life to get in the way of job performance.

Administrative Coordinator in Tacoma:
"My true rate of pay and position salary cap."
Make sure to get your position pay, and salary cap before considering the position.