Bookkeeper Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeper in 48858:
"Organize organize."
Start organize and stay that way.

Bookkeeper in Madison:
"I know too much."
Pros: I love the laid back atmosphere and unique personalities of the other employees.
Cons: Sometimes I wish I didn't do payroll. I wish I didn't know what people make and how large their bonuses are. It can be difficult to have that knowledge when you are the lowest paid employee of the company.

Bookkeeper in Concord:
Make sure that you understand why you are performing a task. Be conscientious and detail oriented. Follow established procedures but be prepared to offer new and more efficient ways of doing things. Back to number one, understand why you do things before trying to change things around.

Bookkeeper in Jacksonville:
Pros: Job flexibility for taking care of family. Available hours for certain positions.
Cons: Minimal staffing , changing job demands, fluctuating hours due to sales, few opportunities for full time positions for incoming or current employees. Unwilling to make exceptions for current long time employees.

Bookkeeper in North Branch:
"Very Busy."
Pros: I like that things are constantly changing. Accounts vary by sales.
Cons: The amount of pay I receive considering the amount of work I do.

Bookkeeper in Oceanside:
"Part time."
Pros: Part time hours for very good pay and I am a member of the church. I do it in my spare time after church on Sunday. I have a full time job that isn't bookkeeping.
Cons: That I have to attend monthly meetings.

Bookkeeper in Orlando:
"Brainless work."
Pros: I like the people I work with for the most part. I like that I have learned so much I am able to use in other areas of my life.
Cons: I do not like feeling like a doormat with no authority and no say.