Bookkeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeper in Rochelle:
Pros: Flexible schedule, casual dress, friendly people and variety of duties.
Cons: Low pay, can't take extended vacation, no dental or vision, and no appreciation.

Bookkeeper in Orange:
"My hope came when the least I expected."
Pros: I will replace my manager in May.
Cons: Was underpaid before the promo.

Bookkeeper in GAUTENG:
Pros: Balancing the books of the company. Meeting deadlines.
Cons: Not meeting deadline. Invoices and supporting documents not corresponding.

Bookkeeper in Silverton:
Be thorough and accurate, meeting all deadlines.

Bookkeeper in Bedford:
"I like the flexibility and keeping busy."
Pros: I like knowing what tasks are expected of me. I like working from home sometimes. I like casual atmosphere and autonomy my boss gives me.
Cons: Stress when there are funding issues.

Bookkeeper in Atlanta:
"Bookkeeper 101."
Pros: Helping clients read and understand their invoices and how important it is to pay on time and stay current.
Cons: I don't like having to bl8ck a Parker's card for non-payment but it has to be done.

Bookkeeper in Denver:
Pros: Flexibility, team environment, ability to learn and grow as an employee.
Cons: Inability to get raises as you move up.