Business Development Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Manager in Rochester:
Pros: Nature
Cons: Lack of Sun

Business Development Manager in Boston:
Pros: People
Cons: Traffic

Business Development Manager in White Plains:
"New Experience Every Day."
Pros: Job diversity, ability to improve processes and make changes easily
Cons: poor internal communication across whole staff, low pay

Business Development Manager in Los Angeles:
"LA Life."
Pros: walking in the sunshine to work, the beach
Cons: its big and lonely

Business Development Manager in Jacksonville:
Pros: Do not work in Jacksonville, I am a remote employee who reports to jacksonville.

Business Development Manager in New York:
Pros: I've gained a lot of experience working in New York. I've worked in marketing and now business development. My career set off in the Big Apple and I'm very blessed. I've learned more about the careers I gone into. Every work day and week were very heuristic and I value every bit of it. My bosses throughout my New York experience has provided great advice that I will take throughout the rest of my life.
Cons: New York makes getting a job very competitive. You're literally one of the millions of the people that has the desire to live her, so you're consistently competing for the job you have. You can find a job, but it'll take time. The advancement on the company ladder is something that becomes difficult. You need to SHOW what you got. If you slip up, some companies don't accept it once. Competition is all around. You're just a number.

Business Development Manager in Lexington:
"Self-trust is the first secret of success."
My advise is to continue learning new things to develop your skills. Always listen to others opinion and advise before making tough decisions.