Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Saint Ignace:
"Optimistic Community Member."
Pros: I enjoy helping people overcome difficulties in their life. It is always interesting learning where the people have been and how we can help them move on and improve their current situation and watch them succeed in the community.
Cons: Stress Level, Burn out,

Case Manager in Atlanta:
"• Provide services to the largest homeless center in the sou."
Work to improve you and your client.

Case Manager in Reno:
"Long hours, worked every holiday."
Be prepared to advocate for the patient at all costs. Learn your resources, and network with healthcare entities.

Case Manager in Albany NY:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Lack of understanding program.

Case Manager in Cherry Hill:
"It's great work and my Co workers are fantastic."
Pros: Being able to interview families and volunteers.
Cons: Being stuck at a desk.

Case Manager in Lexington:
"Case managers for IDD."
Pros: Interacting with consumers and helping them get the support they need.
Cons: The long hours, lack of benefits and minimal pay.

Case Manager in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Flexible schedule.
Cons: Policy, paperwork, stress,