Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Opelika:
"The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Case Manager."
Pros: I really like the on-the-job training, practice and experience. The enjoyment of meeting new families and assisting the families according to the need. The families' extending the appreciation for the assistance offered has been encouragement to continue in this field.
Cons: The disadvantages regarding this job is the lack of participation and effort shown by the individuals that are being offered services. Witnessing co-workers lack of desire to serve individuals due to bias views. Lastly, but very important is the low pay scale for individuals working for the agency.

Case Manager in Rockville:
"Case Manager Position."
Pros: Making a difference in the lives of homeless and formerly homeless individuals.
Cons: Care giver burnout.

Case Manager in Bronxville:
Pros: I love seeing individuals I work with achieve the goals and standards they set for themselves. Also the level of respect and trust that is shared from both sides of the spectrum.
Cons: I would say the bad is when you have to do what is best for the individual your working with even if it hurts them emotionally you know in the end they will be better because of it.