Case Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Case Manager?

Case Manager in Van Nuys:
"Very challenging job."
Pros: Serving the seniors in their needs and connecting with services.
Cons: Does not recognize the hard work of employeese.

Case Manager in Houston:
Pros: The diversity of the patient and provider/caregiver population.
Cons: Traffic in Houston is challenging.

Case Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Co-workers, patients, interesting daily tasks.
Cons: Management, lack of support, pay, cost of benefits, turnover rate.

Case Manager in Cathedral City:
"Good corporate culture."
Pros: I love the population I work with. I enjoy the office culture.
Cons: Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I have little control over company fundraisers.

Case Manager in Providence:
"People are dollar signs."
Don't ever stop caring for people, they are dollar signs, and when dealing with those who have mental health issues, work to help them to be as healthy as possible, and to get the level of care they need. Don't keep them healthy enough to keep them sick.

Case Manager in Southgate:
"Everyone makes mistakes."
Listen to suggestions, take notes, ask questions and collect people's phone numbers and e-mails.

Case Manager in Columbus:
"Friendly Advice."
Be prepared to be flexible, and have an open mind when being confronted by people whose experiences and culture are different then yours. Trust me it's easier said than done. Don't think you know everything, and be willing to learn from your clients, show compassion, and respect. Expect to put a lot of wear and tear on your car; you'll be driving a lot. Most importantly, do a lot of self care. Explore things that peak your interests and try to find something that make you smile every day.