Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Northfield:
"The real thing."
Pros: Lots of good people to work with. Great bosses.
Cons: The stress of the job kills sometimes. Always busy.

Cashier in San Antonio:
"Overworked and under paid."
Pros: Time goes by fast. Get along with other associates.
Cons: Always short handed; therefore, customers get upset.

Cashier in Chicago:
"I donto like what I do."
Pros: The little people I work with.
Cons: They don't care about they're employees. If you haven't been there for ever you're nobody n your opinion doesn't matter and a District Manager said this to me.

Cashier in New Hyde Park:
"Just started."
Pros: Just started.
Cons: Just started.

Cashier in Yuba City:
Pros: My schedule is good for me and my family.
Cons: My duties its kinda too routine for me.

Cashier in Lincoln:
Pros: The food is pretty good.
Cons: High stress for a simple cashier/kitchen jon.

Cashier in Oceanside:
Pros: The returning customers.
Cons: No rasie, barely anyone can cover your shift also no vacation paid or holidays.