Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Greensboro:
"Persevering and showing up is just as important as any skill."
Try to make your decisions as if you are the owner of the business - do what's best for the business as a whole, not necessarily you personally.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in New York:
"Know your role."
Hire people you trust! Working with numbers, it's hard not to want to be in the weeds verifying everything for yourself, but if you hire the right people and train them well, you'll be able to step back and do more CFO-level work.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Austin:
Interact and collaborate with others. Talk face to face or by telephone rather than email and text.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Maple Heights:
"Key indicators of the business performance."
Keep it simple. Key indicators of the business performance.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Riverside:
"Hard work and continuing education will help you succeed."
Review all your systems and discuss the shortcomings with the staff that uses them. Work with staff to get their buy-in on the new systems and their support in implementing the new systems.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Toledo:
"Develop Strategic Thinking capabilities."
Most people who qualify to become a CFO have all of the financial stuff down cold and hopefully reasonably good leadership capabilities in both finance and IT. However, I typically see (and this was in myself too) a lack of strong strategic vision and the ability to partner with the CEO effectively in this area. This is a skill that can be developed through research, study, and experience.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Decatur:
"Grant Accounting."
Take some additional course in Grant Accounting.