Civil Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer in Corona:
"Stress and Flexibility."
Pros: Opportunity to grow and learn in addition to management opportunities.
Cons: Aggressive schedules and high demand to preform.

Civil Engineer in Portland:
Pros: Every aspect.
Cons: Nothing bad about it.

Civil Engineer in Richmond:
"Be energetic, innovative, and willing to learn."
Real world job experience is much more valuable than college academics.

Civil Engineer in Fort Worth:
"Use Your Words."
Ask, ask, ask: Ask your questions; people are naturally helpful and want to share their years of experience. Ask for work; don't spend downtime playing fantasy football, you won't learn anything and you won't be asked to return. Ask for help; we're all human.

Civil Engineer in Gillette:
Pros: I enjoy working in and overseeing construction. Designing projects and then overseeing then being built is very enjoyable.
Cons: I couldn't complain at all Scott my job except for my boys and the pay!

Civil Engineer in Seattle:
"Definition of Environmental Engineering."
A Lot of envirnmental engineering jobs are traditional water management, such as potable water/ purification or waste water management. Research the industry in more depth before commiting to a major or specialization in an industry.

Civil Engineer in Seattle:
Consider a state DOT sponsored Engineer-In-Training program that allows you the opportunity to try out various assignments in different departments. This helped me decide which area of expertise I wanted to focus on.