Civil Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer in Portland:
Pros: Every aspect.
Cons: Nothing bad about it.

Civil Engineer in Gillette:
Pros: I enjoy working in and overseeing construction. Designing projects and then overseeing then being built is very enjoyable.
Cons: I couldn't complain at all Scott my job except for my boys and the pay!

Civil Engineer in Benton Harbor:
"Company Culture."
Pros: I love the team of people I get to work with. It makes going to work every morning fairly easy that people are pleasant and focused on moving the team forward. I like the opportunities my supervisor gives me; many others do not get the same opportunities at this stage in their careers. I am constantly challenged and taking on additional responsibilities.
Cons: There are a number of employees who I feel are over compensated for their value. Some folks slack off or consistently lose money for the company and are still rewarded. It frustrates me to know these people earn more than me when I can bet I work much harder than they do and oftentimes have more responsibility as well. In many ways the company is "old school". Some of these beliefs I support while others I feel need to change.

Civil Engineer in Washington:
"That Was A Good Experience Working As A Civil Engineer."
Pros: Most of the time I am testing the results of testing materials in quality lab.
Cons: I don't like it if anyone is observing me. Like a cctv camera.

Civil Engineer in Lexington:
"Challenging and rewarding."
Pros: The teamwork involved.
Cons: When the same job drags on forever.