Construction Project Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Construction Project Manager?

Construction Project Manager in New Smyrna Beach, Florida:
"Casual and laid back atmosphere."
Pros: Small town atmosphere and lack of traffic
Cons: None

Construction Project Manager in Miami:
Pros: International Environment
Cons: Uneducated workforce

Construction Project Manager in West Palm Beach:
"Good Environment."
Pros: Great Weather, good environment. Good people.
Cons: Pay is lower. Not as many oppurtunities.

Construction Project Manager in Tulsa:
Pros: Love building projects.

Construction Project Manager in Houston:
"Take Your Time."
Many of us in the construction industry want to "be-our-own-man/woman." This often leads to us working long hours to climb the ladder and get ahead. Working hard is a good thing, and necessary in our field, but take the time to master your current responsibilities (and stretch yourself a little with some new ones) before trying to get to the next level. The result is that you will be much better equipped to handle the new role when you get there, meaning better quality of work, less stress, and ultimately, better home life. Most of us will make it to that Project Manager or Project Superintendent role at some point. If you take five more years, thats a drop in the bucket compared to your 40-year career. And you'll have 5 more years of quality work that your reputation is tied to. Basically, be patient and focus on the work in front of you.

Construction Project Manager in Watertown:
Pros: The responsibility and the completion of a job.
Cons: The stress.

Construction Project Manager in Sarasota:
Pros: There is lots of construction and I am always busy.
Cons: There is lots of construction and I am always busy.