Crew Leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Crew Leader?

Crew Leader in Springdale:
"Long drive."
Pros: Time away from home
Cons: The pay

Crew Leader in Morehead City:
"Wendy's is terrible."
Pros: I really enjoy mentoring and advising my crew members.
Cons: The stress of always being under staffed or having poorly trained crew. Lack of supplies is an issue and only having two uniforms.

Crew Leader in Hartford:
"Understand your duties."
Know and understand what your responsibilities are.

Crew Leader in Cape Coral:
"It's pretty good."
Sucks... I don't get any so. Yeah.

Crew Leader in Grand Junction:
"It's rewarding at times."
Pros: I like being customer service and I like being able to have as much as possibility as possible within my pay scale.
Cons: Sometimes feel a little overwhelmed we don't get much help it's up to one person most of the time.

Crew Leader in Gainesville:
Pros: Warm weather climate, proximity to home,
Cons: Pay rates, low intelligence of people in key positions of power, illegal immagrants.

Crew Leader in Columbia:
Pros: Free movies. Free drinks. Increasing accountability.
Cons: The pay is awful. I feel under appreciated.