Customer Service Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Specialist?

Customer Service Specialist in Cumberland:
"I enjoy the advantages people get in updating medications."
Pros: Helping people.
Cons: The shift , the rate.

Customer Service Specialist in Owensboro:
Pros: The coworkers are amazing to be with and organizing is fun for me.
Cons: The pay is low.

Customer Service Specialist in New York:
Smile and be sincere.

Customer Service Specialist in Guntersville:
"How little advancement I would receive."
Work for a larger company.

Customer Service Specialist in Visalia:
Pros: The atmosphere is great. My fellow associates are friendly.
Cons: I don't believe I'm paid enough for what I do. But I also believe every position at the store needs a raise, not just mine.

Customer Service Specialist in West Jordan:
"Overall Good."
Pros: I love our employee discount, management is cool, my coworkers are nice it's a good environment.
Cons: I feel like I'm being underpaid and I sometimes work in an area that I'm not scheduled for.

Customer Service Specialist in Plymouth:
"Very high stress, with very little guidance and consistency."
Pros: The thing I like the most would be helping the customers I take care of.
Cons: No definition to what my job should entail. Very poor management and supervisors. Very junior high atmosphere. Lack of caring on behalf of management. Too many responsibilities, impossible to be happy with the work completed.