Customer Service Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Specialist?

Customer Service Specialist in Greensboro:
Pros: I love the ppl here. Great environment and love my coworkers!
Cons: Schedules are very inconvenient.

Customer Service Specialist in Cincinnati:
"Not about the patient."
The service we provide is not about the patient but the client.

Customer Service Specialist in West Point:
I would like to know the seasons of business and hours worked variation. The amount of responsibility should receive more pay.

Customer Service Specialist in Omaha:
"It's an ok line of work."
Pros: Helping people by phone. No face to face contact. Sit down job. Flexable hours and days. Full and part time hours.
Cons: Outbound calling. Deal with people with bad attitudes. No vacation or PTO. No overtime. Poor expensive benefit package. Stressful.

Customer Service Specialist in Atlanta:
"Low pay w/ high expectations."
Pros: Coworkers.
Cons: Surveys that affect your job ratings that have nothing to do with the job you are doing.

Customer Service Specialist in Danville:
"Customer Service Specialist...Boring."
Pros: I like that it is not a stressful job in fact, it is an easy job.
Cons: I hate how slow it is, I dislike my coworkers, I do not feel like it challenges me anymore. Because it is always slow I feel like I am just being paid to waste time. I wish I could at least work from home so I could get stuff done.

Customer Service Specialist in Indianapolis:
"There would be a lot of self-training."
Don't let th negative customers get to you. Remember, they aren't mad at you... They are mad at the situation. Just hear them out and come up with a solution together as a team rather than placing blame.