Customer Service Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor in Gainesville:
Pros: Health insurance benefits, 401k option, business hours.
Cons: Work load, unfair pay rate, covering shifts for people who call out, assigned tasks that are not my responsibility, high stress environment.

Customer Service Supervisor in King of Prussia:
"Customer Service Supervisor."
Pros: I am responsible for overseeing the representatives on the customer service line. I have tasks that only I complete for the department.
Cons: At a Casino, the customer base tends to be negative and are very derogatory towards employees and supervisors alike. The interdepartmental communication is lacking. I do not have a set schedule and am expected to stay later than scheduled during peak hours for special events.

Customer Service Supervisor in Burbank:
"Bullet to the head."
Pros: Everything no complaints at all.
Cons: Nothing bad to be said.

Customer Service Supervisor in Charleston:
"Engaging customers."
Pros: The empowerment to make decisions.
Cons: Communication with managers and employees.

Customer Service Supervisor in Kettering:
"Great with customers always availuable reliable."
Pros: Everything but pay I feel like I'm not being givin enough for my experience.
Cons: The pay isnt good I dont feel like im getting enougj for experience.

Customer Service Supervisor in Chicago:
"Unorganized, stressful, constantly changing."
Pros: The employees and the benefits.
Cons: Buddy system when it comes to promotions. Lack of communication, not valuing the opinion of others,

Customer Service Supervisor in Auburn:
"Own office, high stress level, very busy."
Pros: Days go by fast, love helping people. Own office.