Customer Service Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor in Savannah:
Pros: Ability to make my own schedule. Some decision making rights.
Cons: Little opportunity for growth. Poor pay. No bonuses.

Customer Service Supervisor in San Antonio:
To be effective communication is key. Not allow from your superiors but to the front line staff, you must be as honest and transparent as possible.

Customer Service Supervisor in Lynchburg:
"Long hours and no Appreciation."
Pros: Working with people and developing them into better agents, helping them to advance in the company or within their careers.
Cons: No appreciation or recognition. No development of my skills and career.

Customer Service Supervisor in Lutz:
Pros: I like the scheduling flexibility, because I am also in school full-time for my bachelors.
Cons: The job can be stressful working with managing people as well as irritable customers.

Customer Service Supervisor in San Francisco:
"No Room for advancement."
13 yrs, use as stepping stone.

Customer Service Supervisor in Evansville:
Pros: I love the customers and associates and I love what I do. I fallow policy and the hours work with my kids schedule.
Cons: Customers yelling at you for stuff you cant control and never enough helpl.

Customer Service Supervisor in Aurora:
Pros: I enjoy the work I do.
Cons: Management, stress level, pay.