Customer Service Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor in Beaverton:
"Plenty opportunities."
Pros: You can find plenty of opportunities around.
Cons: The salary is not the best, sometimes people cheap you out because your ethnicity.

Customer Service Supervisor in Salisbury:
"Quiet, great place to raise a family, commute, food."
Pros: Commute to work is short. People are friendly, hospitable.
Cons: Traffic at 5:00 pm! Terrible! Salisbury has really grown over the past 30 years.

Customer Service Supervisor in Salt Lake City:
Pros: City culture, outdoor amenities.
Cons: Cost of living.

Customer Service Supervisor in Bloomington:
"Brand Support."
Pros: Traveling, teaching opportunities, growth opportunities, innovation, setting up new processes.
Cons: The high stress environment, work load balance, work hour expectations.

Customer Service Supervisor in Indianapolis:
"Not the best."
Pros: Working as a leader.
Cons: They won't pay what you ask for.

Customer Service Supervisor in Portsmouth:
"Corporate Culture, Work Flexibility, Office Conditions, Perk."
Pros: Great customer Service, My relationship with my tellers and customers. Our Core Values: We are family, We act with a servant heart, We have fun. We provide excellent service to customers in need. Great Company to work for.
Cons: When we went to a pawn store and When they closed my store down.

Customer Service Supervisor in Harlingen:
Pros: The clients.
Cons: Changing schedule.